Testing & Activations

How long can the free version of the app be used?

The current version of the free version of the app can be used indefinitely. However, there is no right to this sales concept remaining in place indefinitely.

Why are there paid activations?

The development process is time-consuming and costly, which is why small fees are charged for the activation of additional features. The developer works daily to continuously improve the app and to answer user queries within 24 hours.

What do the activations include?

Please refer to the section "Activations" of the product website www.all4hue.com for detailed information on the contents of each extension.

Can the activated packages of the app be used on multiple devices?

The activated packages of the app can be used on multiple devices with the same operating system, as long as the same Google account (Android), Apple ID (iOS, Mac OS) or Microsoft account (Windows 10) is used on the devices.

Can the cost of unlocking additional features of the app be reimbursed? A refund of the costs is not possible for the following reasons:
  • The sales concept is designed in such a way that the free version can be tested indefinitely. Only after checking the free version is it recommended to activate additional features. So users can be sure that they are not buying a "pig in a poke".
  • Unfortunately, there are a significant number of users who would take advantage of a refund to use the app they purchased to fully configure their Hue Bridge and then request a refund.
Is an activation for a certain operating system also recognized on another?

Unfortunately, it is neither legally nor technically possible to recognize and use activations of one operating system on another. For example, if you have purchased an activation on Android, this activation cannot be used on Windows 10 or iOS for technical and legal reasons. You have to do the activation again there.