General Topics

Why can the Hue Bridge only be accessed in the local network?

Philips does not allow third-party apps to access the Hue Bridge from outside the local network without contractual arrangements. The developer of this app is currently in contact with Philips to clarify the contract details so that remote access can generally be made available at a later date.

Is this app still being developed?

This app is continuously being developed. Since it was first published in May 2015, more than 180 updates have been made available, each with new features. The constructive feedback from the app users is taken into account throughout.

Does a bad rating help to improve the app quickly?

Poor rating of the app does not help in improving the app at all. Constructive feedback in the form of an email to is the best way to request improvements for the further development process. Since the app's launch, more than 180 app updates have been made available with new features requested by users.

Does the app have an error because the programmed sensors, rules, alarms, timers, etc. do not work as intended?

There is no error in the app. There can be numerous reasons why the programmed properties do not work, e.g. certain features are only supported from certain firmware versions of the Hue Bridge. It is therefore recommended to update the firmware via the Philips Hue app at regular intervals. "all 4 hue" is also only the tool to create rules, for example, and has no influence on whether the rules are actually logically correct and functional.

Can this app access multiple Hue Bridges?

Yes, this app can access up to 5 Hue Bridges. The individual Hue Bridges can be set up and managed in the "Hue Bridges" section. Access requires the purchase of the "Multiple Hue Bridges" extension.

Can this app be controlled via external commands?

Yes, the Android version of this app can be controlled via external intents, e.g. with the Tasker or Perfect Profile app. Details on the exact control can be found in the app community. For technical reasons, it is not possible to control the iOS or Windows10 version of the app.

Why aren't all scenes shown in the scene list, but only scenes that were created with this app?

Normally only the scenes created with this app are shown in the scenes list. Scenes created with other apps can also be displayed by selecting "Show all scenes" in the settings. Scenes that come from other apps can sometimes exist several times or have strange names - this is not due to "all 4 hue", but due to the app with which the corresponding scenes were created.

What third-party components (e.g. Osram components) are supported by "all 4 hue"?

"all 4 hue" supports all those components that are technically compatible with the Philips Hue Bridge and can be connected to it. "all 4 hue" cannot address any components that cannot officially be connected to the Hue Bridge. As a provider of a third-party app, I cannot say which components from other manufacturers are really compatible with the Philips Hue Bridge. Experience has shown that (without guarantee!) the Osram Lightify Plug and the majority of Osram lights can be connected to the Hue Bridge.