Do the effects work on all Android smartphones?

Unfortunately, the effects do not work on all smartphones for technical reasons. The reasons for this lie in the partially different range of functions of different Android versions. On the one hand, different Android versions (6.0, 7.0, 8.0,..) behave differently, on the other hand, different manufacturers (e.g. Samsung) make individual adjustments to Android. This is reflected in particular in the standby behavior of the various smartphones and the associated termination of the effects (see the following sections).

Why do the effects stop after a while? There are several reasons why the effects can undesirably stop after a few:
  • The Wifi connection in the local network is not stable. Please ensure that the smartphone has a stable connection to the local Wifi at all times.
  • The energy saving settings of the smartphone cause the effects to stop. See the next section for possible remedial actions.
How do the energy saving settings of the smartphone have to be set? If the effects stop after a while while the smartphone is in standby, please correct the following settings on your smartphone:
  • The energy saving mode of the smartphone must be deactivated.
  • The "all 4 hue" app must be executable in the background and must not be closed automatically in the background. This setting is often named "App Power Monitor" and can be found under the "Battery" section. Put "all 4 hue" on the list of those apps that are allowed to use any amount of energy at any time. This list is often called "Unmonitored Apps".
  • Disable the Wifi power saving mode, which switches from Wifi to mobile data when the device is in sleep mode.
  • Activate the option that Wifi always remains active even in standby.
If the effects still break off with these settings despite a stable Wifi connection, your smartphone is deviating from the usual behavior due to manufacturer-specific Android adjustments (mainly to save energy) and the effects will not work stably. Unfortunately, there is no technical solution for this. Please contact mail@all4hue.com in this case.