Backup & Restore

The Backup & Restore feature allows you to take a backup of all or part of the Hue Bridge settings and save this backup on your device. At a later date you can use existing backup files to restore all or part of the settings on the Hue Bridge. Backup files can not only be used to restore a Hue Bridge after a total failure or reset, but also to transfer part of the data (e.g. rules) from one Hue Bridge to another. The restoration can be performed on empty Hue Bridges or on Hue Bridges that already contain resources such as timers, alarms, rules, etc.

Important remarks:
  • This function is currently available for the Android and iOS version of all4hue and is still in the BETA stage.
  • Before using or purchasing the Backup & Restore feature, please read the restore details below to understand which resources can be restored and to what extent.


The following prerequisites are recommended:

  • Hue Bridge V1 (round) or V2 (squared) with Firmware Version 1.29 or newer. If a Hue Bridge with older firmware is used, certain resources such as scenes cannot be fully restored.
  • A correctly configured time zone for the Hue Bridge to correctly restore alarms and timers.
  • The Storage permission must be granted to the app in order to be able to save the data backup file on your device.


With the Backup function, the settings of the selected Hue Bridge are saved in a data backup file on your device. The following link takes you to the detailed description of the function.


The Restore function loads the settings from a backup file on your device and uses them to restore the selected Hue Bridge. The following link takes you to the detailed description of the function. Please be sure to read the description before using or purchasing this feature.


You can find answers to frequently asked questions about the "Backup & Restore" function under the following link.