Backup & Restore

For which versions of the app is the "Backup & Restore" feature available?

The "Backup & Restore" function is currently available for the Android, iOS and MacOS version of all4hue. In the next months this extension will be gradually made available for all versions of all4hue.

Can all resources be restored as part of the restoration?

The "Backup & Restore" section of this online help describes which resources can and cannot be automatically restored. Coupled resources, namely lights, sensors and switches, cannot be restored. You have to manually pair these resources with the Hue Bridge again after a factory reset of the Hue Bridge. After that, you can automatically restore all other resources using the backup file.

Why does the "Backup & Restore" function have to be paid extra as an extension?

The "Backup & Restore" function is a technically very complex functionality that not only allows restoring data on a resetted Hue Bridge, but also the transfer of data from one Hue Bridge to another and the partial restoration of resources. For this purpose, a complex concept with simple user guidance by a wizard was developed . There is a small fee charged for acquiring the extension for this development.