Amazon Echo/Alexa

How can I use the scenes from "all 4 hue" with Amazon Alexa? Due to a limitation of Amazon Alexa, only room scenes (and no light scenes) can be used in connection with Amazon Alexa. This is not due to "all 4 hue", but to Amazon Alexa. In order to be able to use scenes created with "all 4 hue" in Amazon Alexa, you must follow these steps:
  • Create a new room scene in "all 4 hue". The scene must be a room scene and not a light scene.
  • Switch to the "Devices" section in the Amazon Alexa app and click on the "Scenes" button there.
  • All scenes loaded by Alexa are listed there. At the bottom there is a "Search Scenes" button. Please click there.
  • Alexa is now looking for new scenes and will find the newly created room scene and add it to the list.
  • The new room scene can now be activated with the corresponding voice command via Alexa.
Is there a skill for Amazon Echo/Alexa?

There is no skill for the Amazon Echo from "all 4 hue" because the Amazon Echo Skills are cloud-based and therefore most of the functions of "all 4 hue" cannot be mapped.