Main program and extensions

The functionality of the app was deliberately divided into a main program and extensions with the background of being able to offer the most important functions for the majority of users at the most attractive price possible. Extensions that address special user groups, such as experts with multiple Hue Bridges, are offered as separate activations for a small surcharge. Unlike some competing apps, expensive subscriptions are not offered. Even without subscriptions, all4hue is constantly being expanded with new functions.

Package "Main program"

This activation removes the following limitations of the free trial when accessing one Hue Bridge:
  • Creation, editing and deletion of any number of rooms, zones, lightgroups, scenes, alarms, timers and rules.
  • Creation, editing and deletion of any number of actions in the "My Actions" section.
  • Use of effects without time limit (Android and Win10 version).
  • Using the rule wizard in the "Accessories" section to easily configure connected accessories.
  • The Touchlink function is activated (Android version).
  • Use of any number of widgets on the home screen.

Extension "Multiple Hue Bridges"

This activation allows access to up to five Hue Bridges. When using all4hue on a smartwatch, access to several Hue Bridges is also activated there.

Extension "Friends of Hue Schalter"

This activation enables the configuration of switches sold under the Friends of Hue label.

Extension "Smartwatch"

This activation removes the following restrictions of the free trial version of all4hue on smartwatches when accessing one Hue Bridge:
  • Lights, groups and rooms can be switched on and off. In addition, their brightness and color can be adjusted.
  • Scenes can be activated.

Extension "Backup & Restore"

This extension offers the possibility of reading out the settings of a Hue Bridge, saving them on the local device and restoring them at a later point in time. The detailed functions are listed below:
  • Settings of a Hue Bridge can be read out and saved locally as a data backup.
  • Saved data backups can be copied and backed up as required.
  • The settings from the data backups can be transferred to the same Hue Bridge or to another Hue Bridge as part of the restoring.
  • Extensive settings can be selected when restoring, i.e. the desired procedure can be selected for each individual resource (alarm, timer, rule, rule grouping, zone, light group, room, scene).